Spare5: Six Months Into our Journey

It's hard to believe that six months have passed since we started Spare5.

On a whim I recently compared building our company to taking a great, long hike. Maybe I've become just another typical Northwesterner, pining for the next summit. That said, the more steps we take together, the more this metaphor resonates. Everybody who has ever gone backpacking, hiking or on a walk knows that the journey is at least as important as the destination. Building a great company, or at least one that aspires to become great, is a step-by-step journey. In the case of Spare5, we have been fortunate enough to start our quest well provisioned by a massive idea (that businesses can benefit from peoples' passions, hobbies and insights during their spare time) and solid funding. (Thank you Madrona / Greg Gottesman, New Enterprise Associates / Jon Sakoda and Foundry / Jason Mendelson; and our awesome angels & advisors, including Aaron Easterly, Oren EtzioniJoe HeitzebergYusuf Mehdi, Bob Nelsen, Hadi PartoviCharles Songhurst, and Dan Weld!)

Even in these, our early days, we realize that we need to work hard to chart our own course. Our values are our compass. Good work, when we see progress, is a reward unto itself. Some parts of our trail are a grind. That's life. When we hit a beautiful viewpoint, we ring our gong, celebrate, and shoulder on.

One of the best parts of our early days has been finding our first customers, and making them super happy. It's one thing to present our shtick. Which I love doing. (That's a good thing, since I do it a lot.)

So here's our (shameless) pitch: Do you help run an online business? If so, you already know how vital it is to understand what specific people think about your products, site and experiences. It's important for your organic traffic, paid media performance, social marketing, customer acquisition and retention, conversion, cross-sell and retention. In short, understanding what people think of your business is the critical first step to winning.

There are many tools out there to help. But they leave a gap. Spare5 is gaining momentum as an innovative way to source human insights with the quality, scale and value that will change your business.

We are:

  • Cultivating a community of talented people with a broad range of skills. We call them our "Fives."
  • Assigning your tasks only to the Fives who have the right traits and proven reputations
  • Designing tasks that make it fun and easy for Fives to give you the answers you need
  • Operating proprietary algorithms to optimize quality
  • Providing you insights with confidence scores
  • Pushing tasks to get you your data fast, with scale

Here's the best part: when our customers ring the gong.

“Thanks very much for all of your analysis, and making it easy to figure out where to draw the line."

Spare5 is a pleasure to work with. I turn to them whenever I need industry-leading accuracy on a large, human-sourced project.”

Get in on the action! Below are some sample tasks - see the latest at  


Matthew Bencke

Matt Bencke is an entrepreneur, leader and change agent who drives new business and product strategies based on deep analysis, inspired leadership and focused execution. He has strong successes across technology, strategy, business development, design, e-commerce, marketing and manufacturing. His passion is attracting great talent, fostering a meaningful team culture, and taking performance to new levels. During his tenures at Microsoft, Getty Images and Boeing he has created, advised, led and grown businesses ranging from several millions to billions in size.