"There Are Still Some Things That Make Us All the Same"

Today we announced that Spare5 raised a $10 million Series A financing round led by The Foundry Group, together with Madrona Venture Group and New Enterprise Associates.

Several journalists were thoughtful in the way they covered our progress, including Geekwire, the The Wall Street Journal and our very own The Seattle Times.

As I mentioned to my family and friends in a Facebook post this morning, given my druthers, I'd stay out of the press. That said, it's a fun moment to pause, look back over path we've traveled thus far, and hike forward.

As any founder or leader knows, it's all about the people. At Spare5, we've just begun. But the reason we have earned this re-investment from our awesome venture capitalists (Jason and Brad, Greg and Jon) is because of our team's hard work. So, here's to the founding folk who have got us this far.

...and the rest of our remarkable product, ops and finance teams who are turning the crank every day. Without them, nothing happens around here.

(Oh, and if my pop reference is too subtle, it may be time for a remedial Blues Brothers viewing - this post's title is from Belushi's intro to their moving rendition of "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love," complete with shout out to the good folk of Illinois' law enforcement community.)

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Matthew Bencke

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